This bun came out of the mommy oven May 17,1965, a born native of Annandale, VA, which is a suburb just 10 miles outside of our Nation’s Capitol.  My love for the arts began as a small child, doing various comic characters from human like animals to rendering unusual automobiles more bizarre than the lowly AMC Pacer. I even went as far as creating some cars out of paper. When I did a political cartoon for the school newspaper in the 8th grade, it became evident I wanted to pursue a career in art.

I presently hold an Associate’s Degree in Advertising Design from Northern Virginia community college, however, since the computer industry invaded the design field in the early nineties, I had taken a hiatus from the field of design. Presently, I am upgrading my skills at the same college I learned about the exciting field in the beginning.

“The G Street Girls” is based on a comic strip I did in my junior high/ high school years called “The Emerson Kids” which was about a group of kids whom went from the pre-teen years to the teen years. From that I revamped the comic this time basing it on five of the ladies in the feature, Ann, Kim, Cindy, Whitney, and Rachel in the year 1996. The name of the current strip was inspired by a group of single ladies who lived in 755 G Street, N.E. Washington D.C nicknamed as such due to the fact that they lived on that street. 

As time went on, the comics went from being in a private format to being on the world wide internet courtesy of my oldest brother David Larsen, BTW may he rest in heavenly peace, became the first hosting outfit of this very web site.  That was in the year 2000, and since then it had gone through several transformations, the latest one you see here courtesy of Northern Virginia Community College where I am in pursuit of a dual degree in communication design and interactive design.

Aside from my love of the creative and graphic arts, I am an avid Smart Car enthusiast and owner of a Smart car. I am a huge movie buff, and a fan of many classic television shows of the seventies/early eighties most notably Charlie’s Angels, and The Dukes Of Hazzard. I am also an active member of Capital Baptist Church here in Annandale, VA.

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