As a new feature i offfer for your enjoyment is the ability to turn a favorite comic feature you have seen on G Street Girls into something truly unique for yourself or that really good friend of yours or better yet a loved one who would very much enjoy a good tresured laugh for many years to come. Perhaps you even have an idea you would love to submit to me based on the tastses of that special person. Look no further than to yours truly for that customized comic strip. I can do anything and for any ocasion you wish. Email me for a details and more importantly how i can create that one of a kind comic for you.
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Come and see the first full length feature of " The G Street Girls" available to Amazon Kindle "Janey"s Smart Story",a series of comics centered around Janey Hortman and her cute little bumble bee car and how she not only got it, but influenced Cindy Wilson into a cute convertible. Want to know more about the latest developments on the girls, come visit the Face book fan page.
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